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Hungry for a new job? Maybe your current job is boring or you don’t like your boss. Either way, a change of scenery might be nice and it would probably bring a nice pay raise. 70% of jobs are found through networking. At times, the process can get complicated. Follow these tips to find a new job.

Research Success Stories

You probably know people who have their dream job and are perfectly happy. Do your best to research how this happened. Social media can be a great aid. How did they know what they wanted? How did they meet the person that got them the job? Then try to apply the lessons to your own life.

Meet New People, 

After getting their first job, many people let their network falter. You should be constantly replenishing contacts. You can go to professional mixers and networking events, virtually works now. Attend alumni events from your university. LinkedIn can be a useful site.

Be Goal-Oriented

Taking action can be a good thing. But if you’re not guided by goals, you might end up spinning your wheels. Eventually, you might burn yourself out.  

Take a piece of paper and write down your goal. Then break it into mini-goals. You might want to set deadlines and keep a journal.  Revisit these written goals often.  Post them on your bathroom mirror.

Make sure you’re connecting with the right people and chasing the correct opportunities. Reduce wasted effort by constantly reevaluating networking and job hunting activities. Go after your goals like a machine. Treat your goals, like your job.  Be responsible and consistent

Have Diversity in Your Network

Make sure you don’t have all your contacts in one industry. This is especially true of tech and education people. If a recession hits your industry hard, you’ll be in trouble. By diversifying your network, you increase your resilience in a downturn.

Be Patient

This might be confusing because there are plenty of overnight success stories in tech. But many people take several decades to reach their dream job.

Your quest for a new job might not be easy. You might get a lot of social rejections or endure failed job interviews. But it will be worth it in the end.

Many people want to get a new job. Greener pastures promise a better job environment and higher pay. Networking is often the best way to get one.