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For the longest time, women have been looking for the best jobs that do not just fulfill them financially but psychologically as well. This means great working conditions and smaller pay gaps between them and their male counterparts.

According to the SmartAsset seventh list of the best cities to work in for tech jobs, you might be surprised to know that Silicon Valley did not make the cut. It seems that the tech industry is diversifying and expanding out of California into other cities. This means there are better opportunities that do not require you to pack your bags and move to the tech valley. The survey, which took 63 cities into consideration, came up with a list of 15 cities you might consider working in.


This is one of the best places to get a job in the tech industry. To begin with, women in tech occupy an impressive 33.5% of the industry. The pay gap between men and women is nine cents to the dollar and there is a 27% chance of getting promoted in three years. Not exactly mind-blowing statistics but these are impressive for women in any industry.


If you like the busy streets and the fast life, then Washington might be your best option. The city has an occupation of 38.9% for women in the tech industry.


This is the capital city of equal pay, or almost. In Baltimore, the pay gap is a cent less than men. There is a catch though because their growth rate for women is a slow 15% as witnessed over three years.


The city might not have the best bridges for the pay gap, but the job growth rate shot an impressive 30% in a span of three years.


This city has the highest rate of women in tech filling the job industry by 37.4%. There is even a 23% chance of women growing in their job. To add the cherry on the cake, the ocean views will make you relaxed on your long days.

The tech industry is an ever-growing part of the world and with factors like housing and benefits factored in these cities offer opportunities to get ahead of the game for women.