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Some people view men as the best negotiators for business deals. Most men are aggressive, confident, and loud. However, this does not automatically qualify them as the best negotiators.

When it comes to negotiating, I’ve learned you don’t need to be tough or combative. With my negotiation skills, I’ve managed to close several six figured deals with polite phone calls and emails.

It’s also imperative for me to mention that I don’t have a degree from a top-notch business school.

I love helping my friends when they need assistance with negotiating for a higher salary, a better deal on a car, and better terms on a personal loan.

I personally believe that women can out-negotiate men with ease. With confidence and patience, women can secure exceptional terms during any negotiation. Let’s take a close look at several points that validate my belief.

  1. Listening Skills are Vital

Contrary to popular belief, listening skills play a crucial role in negotiations. Listening will help you determine the other party’s interests and needs. Once you get this information, you will be able to create options that will appeal to them.

Women are typically great listeners. This is one of the primary reasons why we excel in boardrooms throughout the world.

  1. Women are Usually Underestimated

My martial arts instructor once said, “Never underestimate your opponent.” His advice has helped me become a successful businesswoman. When I enter a negotiation, I don’t underestimate the opposing side.

In my honest opinion, most men believe that women are not capable of handling hard negotiations well. Their overconfidence leaves them vulnerable to making critical mistakes.

I always smile when men try to out talk me during a negotiation. They’re stunned when I turn the tables on them. At that point, I have the upper hand. I’m able to negotiate better terms.

  1. Being Thoughtful and Sincere

Women are well known for giving gifts. I’ve learned that giving gifts to prospective business partners helps open the door for a smooth negotiation. It’s a simple gesture, but it continues to pay big dividends for my business endeavors.

Men are usually reluctant about giving gifts to other men, so this gives women a competitive edge.

Final Word

Business negotiations can be stressful and challenging. However, this does not mean that women cannot be top negotiators. We can handle any negotiation with ease.